Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

The definition of domestic violence is "violence that occurs in the home, typically between family members, spouses or partners". If a victim of domestic violence applies for and is granted a restraining order against the perpertrator of the domestic violence, that perpetrator will be required by law to stay 100 yards away from the victim at all times.

If you become a victim of domestic violence, you should first call the police immediately. Once the police have been notified of the situation, and you have been removed from the dangerous situation, it is often recommended that you obtain an Emergency Protective Order, which will remain effective for several days. As soon as you have obtained an Emergency Protective Order, we recommend that you call our office to get a Restraining Order from the court.

Due to out tremendous experience with the court procedures that are required to obtain a Restraining Order. We can go to court on an emergency basis without notifying the perpetrator to get a temporary Restraining Order. Once this has been accomplished, we can work together on getting a permanent Restraining Order.

Restraining Orders and Custody Disputes

If you have a Restraining Order taken out against you, and you are involved in a custody dispute, you are at a disadvantage. In order to protect your civil rights, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately in order to protect your civil rights.

If you are the victim of domestic violence and have taken a Restraining Order out on someone with whom you are involved in a custody dispute, it is extremely important to obtain legal counsel immediately to ensure that the Court hears all necessary and relevant evidence that your attorneys can collect.

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