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Orange County Divorce and Custody Attorney

The Law Office of Dennis Connelly represents people experiencing the trauma of family breakups and the ensuing disputes with former partners over support, property and children. We seek amicable resolutions whenever possible but vigorously advance our clients interests in contested matters.

We are experienced in all phases of the litigation of marital dissolution and represent clients from the initial filings all the way through post judgment matters such as modification of child support or custody orders. In matters of domestic violence we both seek and oppose the imposition of restraining orders.

People with attorneys have a significant advantage over unrepresented parties so you should not go into court without representation if possible. We can become as involved as you would like from complete represention in complex cases to simply consulting and drafting while the parties make all necessary court appearances and file documents on behalf of themselves in relatively simple cases.

Consultation fees are very reasonable so call us today and get armed with the necessary information to deal with your domestic legal issues.


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